English Grammar Test – 5

English Grammar Test 5 | Prepositions

In English grammar test, we are going to prepare you all the important questions of Prepositions. In English grammar online test, we will include objective questions from all the topics of English grammar which are going to be very important from the point of view of examination. In English grammar online test, we have included the questions asked in all the recruitment of Rajasthan like REET, Patwar, VDO, LDC, Sub Inspector, Rajasthan CET, PTET, BSTC etc.

English Grammar Mock Test | Online Test

English Grammar Test - 5

1. Total Questions – 20

2. Total Marks – 20

4. एक टेस्ट को आप एक से ज्यादा बार भी दे सकते है।

5. यदि किसी प्रश्न में गलती हो तो आप हमे comment section में अवश्य बताये ताकि उस गलती को हम सुधार सके।

6. टेस्ट की भाषा (Language) बदलने का option नीचे दिया गया है। 

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